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David Ma

Jazz keyboardist and arranger Bob James talks about his first three albums on CTI
The Bob James albums One, Two, and Three contributed to the sonic foundation of hip-hop.
Bob James One
Kool G Rap talks about Marley Marl and the Juice Crew, crime raps, and his extensive catalog
"I mentioned John Gotti because it was the topic of the times. Any part of the violence that I wrote about were things I saw, even if I didn’t directly participate in all of it."
Epic Records/Cold Chillin' promotional photo for 4, 5, 6 (1995) by Sue Kwon
Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA runs down every track off Liquid Swords
"RZA's beats had a grimey, rock-like feel to them. The majority of the album was done at RZA's house, in the basement."
GZA / Genius "Liquid Swords"
10 top records from world-famous Beat Junkie DJ Babu
DJ Babu, part of the World Famous Beat Junkies and Dilated Peoples, shares his top ten records, a list that tells the story of his maturation as a kid in Oxnard to a world-class, international DJ.
Painting by Dion Bello
Lord Finesse digs through his crates and shares 10 of his favorite gems
The D.I.T.C. producer is on a habitual quest for musical knowledge.
Photo via
Queens rapper Action Bronson burst onto the scene with a penchant for words and the culinary arts
In just three years, this former chef has blazed a trail with vividly humorous rap tales and a larger-than-life personality that brings new-school flavor to classic New York hip-hop
Action Bronson by Tom Gould
How He Got Over
An Oral History of Darondo Fandom
Blood Orange is the newest moniker of prolific producer and multi-instrumentalist Devonté Hynes
His solo sets are minimal; he croons and shreds guitar while triggering sounds from his laptop.
Photo by Shawn Brackbill
The Kurtis Blow Interview
Notable contemporaries Melle Mel, Lovebug Starski, or DJ Hollywood, for example, all lacked the charisma that made Kurtis Blow a mainstream figure
Press photo courtesy the Adler Archives
Drummer Tony Cook laid down beats with James Brown and the J.B.’s as well as on early rap and house records
In 1972, Tony Cook was fifteen, playing drums with his buddies onstage at an event sponsored by local radio when James Brown joined them unannounced. Brown performed “Get on the Good Foot” as the awestruck teens played behind him in full swing. The chance run-in forever altered Tony’s life and what would become his long, deep career.
Photo courtesy of Stones Throw Records.
Cut Chemist
Poetry in Motion
Members of the Poets of Rhythm push forward with the Whitefield Brothers
Whitefield Brothers
The funky technician Lord Finesse of D.I.T.C. speaks out
"D.I.T.C. was something that just naturally happened. We were all in the same neighborhood, a block apart, each of us."
Photo courtesy of Adler Archives
Black Elvis Is in the Building
A definitive talk with Kool Keith
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II
As one of hip-hop’s most respected producers, Pete Rock wants to continue forever
"My digging is off the chain! That's really the most important part of beatmaking—finding sounds that are dope."
Pete Rock by Beth Fladung
Thes One
and Music that Works
Double Time
Music talk with Tommy Guerrero
On the bass in Berkeley, 1984, and skating circa late '70s.
Chief Xcel
Core Collector
Blackalicious's Chief Xcel (front) and Gift of Gab.
Made in NY
Gang Starr's mic man Guru
Musical Merlin
Dan the Automator
A Talk With Del