Scion A/V Remix:

Juan Atkins


The latest installment of Scion’s A/V Remix series honors electronic music revolutionary Juan Atkins with a six-song EP, Scion A/V Remix: Juan Atkins.

Featuring three new joints by Atkins himself, this EP summons Detroit techno’s golden age hybrid of outer space foot-stomped dance floors. Supplementing these originals are remixes by three of today’s most respected musicians in the genre: fellow Detroit native Terrence Dixon, Worthy of San Francisco, and DJ Oliver. Short and sweet, this EP thumps your shit.

Available now in your local record store and online March 29, you can stream and download the Scion A/V Remix: Juan Atkins now here.

To learn more about Juan Atkins and the history of Detroit techno, pick up Wax Poetics issue 45  Buy Now


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