Producer Remy LBO digs deep and pulls 10 gems

Exceptionalism, the fourth full release from composer and producer Remy LBO, marks both a summation and transition of artistic objectives. It’s a glassy, funky work of permuting textures, one through which the delicacy of craftsmanship is realized.

by Elizabeth Bryant


Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes (with Quarteto em Cy) Os Afros Sambas (Forma, Brazil) 1966

I think it’s the background vocals of this album that get me; they are absolutely haunting. Baden Powell also has a way of working with harmony that is completely unique to him. He will hit on certain chords that are both surprising and beautiful. It’s not easy to make diminished chords sound this settled and pretty, but he does all over this record. He is easily one of the best songwriters of the twentieth century.

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