Joe Gibbs Family Wish You a Merry Rockers Christmas



Joe Gibbs Christmas

I love the incongruity of Christmas music, like this jamming version of “We Three Kings” from the Joe Gibbs Family Wish You a Merry Rockers Christmas album. The whole album’s great, with a sidelong medley of eleven chestnuts all given the Clavinet-soaked, funky reggae treatment with male and female group vocals skating along a steady-rocking groove. It’s already the clear winner for the “best new addition to the Christmas catalog” for this 2015 Christmas season. Even the wife likes it. This is the first classic Christmas song to make the Christmas Jams posts, and it deserves it for breathing life and funk into a song that’s usually pretty lame and uptight. You get the sense that on their journey through the desert at night, these three kings were packing more than frankincense and murr in their bags the way they keep on about that star of wonder.

“Hey mon, check out dat star, dat perfect light.”

“Yeah, mon.”




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