Beats, Rhymes & Life 20th Anniversary Mixtape by Chris Read


July 30, 2016, marks the twentieth anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s fourth and penultimate studio album, Beats, Rhymes & Life. Produced almost entirely by the Ummah—a production outfit featuring a young J-Dilla—it’s rich in samples and displays a bass-heavy, more stripped-down production sound than previous albums. Also heavily featured is Consequence, whose career was largely kickstarted by the release. Released three years after the group’s seminal Midnight Marauders with recording said to have been affected by internal differences in the group, the LP failed to gain the critical acclaim of previous offerings at the time of release, critics suggesting it lacked the chemistry evident on earlier albums. Twenty years on, however, it remains a great listen.

In keeping with tradition, Who Sampled and Wax Poetics have teamed up to present this exclusive mixtape of album cuts, alt versions, and of course original sample material mixed by Chris Read (MusicOfSubstance)


1. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Stressed Out’ (Raphael Saadiq Remix)(Instrumental)
2. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Keeping It Moving’
4. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Crew’
5. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Stressed Out’ (Baby Phife Version) (Instrumental)
6. Anita Baker – ‘Good Love’ (sampled in ‘Stressed Out’)
7. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Stressed Out’ (Baby Phife Version)
8. James Brown – ‘Funky Drummer’ [Loop] (Sampled in ‘Motivators’)
9. Michal Urbaniak Group – ‘Irena’ (Sampled in ‘Motivators’)
10. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Motivators’
11. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Jam’ (Instrumental)
12. The Howard Roberts Quartet – ‘Dirty Old Bossa Nova’ (Sampled in ‘Jam’)
13. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Jam’
14. Rodney Franklin – ‘The Watcher’ (Sampled in ‘Word Play’)
15. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Word Play’
16. The Emotions – ‘Blind Alley’ (Sampled in ‘Phony Rappers’)
17. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Phony Rappers’
18. The Cyrkle – ‘The Visit (She Was There)’ (Sampled in ‘Get A Hold’)
19. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Get A Hold’
20. Funkadelic – ‘Get Off Your Ass and Jam’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
21. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Steve Biko (Stir It Up)’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
22. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘God Lives Through’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
23. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
24. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Buggin’ Out’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
25. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Hot Sex’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
26. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Award Tour [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
27. A Tribe Called Quest feat Afrika Baby Bam – ‘If The Papes Come’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
28. A Tribe Called Quest feat Leaders of the New School – Scenario [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
29. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Jazz (We’ve Got)’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
30. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Midnight’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
31. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘The Chase Part II’ (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
32. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘We Can Get Down’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
33. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Verses From The Abstract’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Pressure’)
34. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Pressure’
35. Henry Franklin – ‘Soft Spirit’ (Sampled in ‘The Hop’)
36. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘The Hop’
37. Thunder & Lightning – ‘Bumpin Bus Stop’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘The Hop’)
38. Kool & The Gang – ‘N.T’ (Sampled in ‘Mind Power’)
39. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘Mind Power’ 
40. Jack Bruce – ‘Sam Enchanted Dick’ (Sampled in ‘Baby Phife’s Return’)
41. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Baby Phife’s Return’
42. Manzell – ‘Midnight Theme’ [Loop] (Sampled in ‘Baby Phife’s Return’)
43. Ohio Players – ‘Pain’ (Sampled in ‘What Really Goes On’)
44. James Brown – ‘Make It Funky’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘What Really Goes On’)
45. A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence – ‘What Really Goes On’
46. Cannonball Adderley – Untitled [Extract] (Sampled in ‘1nce Again’)
47. A Tribe Called Quest feat Tammy Lucas – ‘1nce Again’

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