DJ Nu-Mark teams up with Pharcyde’s Slimkid3 for new collaboration

Listen to the new 101 Apparel mixtape, Tre'd Mark Mix, that kicks off the release.


DJ Nu-Mark (101 Apparel)

Photo by Eric Coleman


DJ Nu-Mark, formerly of Jurassic 5, and Slimkid3, formerly of the Pharcyde, have collaborated on a new album for Delicious Vinyl. The first single, “I Know, Didn’t I”—featuring Darondo’s sublime “Didn’t I?”—was released as a 7-inch. To kick off the album’s release, Nu-Mark has put together the mixtape Tre’d Mark Mix for 101 Apparel, who has also released a T-shirt to commemorate the event.


Stream the self-titled album from Delicious Vinyl’s SoundCloud:

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