DJ Scratch and J. Period pay homage to James Brown with The Big Payback mix

The Big Payback – The 45s, Volume 1 pays artful respect to James Brown, reminding us once again that it all begins and ends with the Godfather.



DJ Scratch James Brown Big Payback

DJ Scratch and J. Period come correct with this one. The Big Payback – The 45s, Volume 1 pays artful respect to the James Brown, reminding us once again that it all begins and ends with the Godfather. We all know without James Brown there is no hip-hop (not to mention any other forms of modern club or dance-related music). And that applies whether you’re talking hip-hop constructed via samples, or played by keyboard or band, or built from (turntable) scratch.  The Big Payback emphasizes the premise that celebrated the range of James’ influence on hip-hop over different eras.

“James Brown’s music is literally the soundtrack of my life. My Grandmother exposed me to James Brown 45 years ago,” says Scratch. “Who would have ever thought that James Brown’s music would later be the pillar of a new genre of music called hip-hop; who would have ever thought I would be a part of history of this new genre of music. It’s all because of my love and passion for James Brown’s music.”

The titles that Soul Brother #1 has bestowed on the world have been the catalyst and foundation of countless groundbreaking titles and unknown gems alike. “The Big Payback has been my most ambitious project to date, and the ultimate reminder of James Brown’s truly pervasive impact on modern music. Remixing the JB catalog sparks a powerful realization: all the music that has most inspired my career—hip-hop, soul, funk, Prince, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti and more—is the direct spawn of James Brown’s genius. I hope my tribute can inspire a new generation of artists to explore the story and catalog of this musical giant.”

The Big Payback is available to stream below and at their SoundCloud page. Word is there’s limited-edition vinyl as well.


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