DOPE Digital Cassette November 2012 Side B

Presented by Last Night Was Legendary x Wax Poetics



DOPE is back with another edition of its digital cassette series. This edition explores contemporary R&B, deep house, and blues, while inviting a little trap-rap to the party.

Track List

“Tomorrow” Wynter Gordon f/ Solomon Faye
“Bed” SZA
“Diced Pineapples (Ezrakh’s Jersey Ol Head Remix)” Ezrakh
“If I Was” Anhayla
“Dub Of Love” King Holiday
“Addicted To Ballin” Littlez


Click here for “DOPE Digital Cassette November 2012 Side A

Executive Curator: Shawn Lawrence James

Blends by Crystalena

Photography: “Ray Kairos”

Model: Johnny “Killeface” King for “The Cougar Milk”

Special Thanks:  Eric Wong, Christina Prince, Jolie “Miss L’s”
Sanchez, Rosa (For letting us shoot in your apartment.) Royce “Shakes”
Caldwell, and John Gilliard.

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