Flute Funk mixtape by DJ Mentos


Flute Funk

In Flute Funk Volume 1, DJ Mentos treats us to an hour-long mix of classic and freshly excavated funk nuggets, breakbeats, dusty grooves, and straight up neck-snappers—all with one thing in common. Included are some people you would expect (Hubert Laws and Herbie Mann), as well as some more obscure artists (Jeff Wayne Starship and the Ebony Godfather). It’s time to break out your good brandy, velvet robe, and Cuban cigars—this mix is Ron Burgundy–approved.



  1. Intro Skit – dj mentos
  2. Ape Shuffle – The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
  3. Electric Godfather – Ebony Godfather
  4. Mama Soul – Harold Alexander
  5. Anonymous – Focus
  6. Harvest – Moe Koffman
  7. Flute Thing – The Blues Project
  8. Baby You’ll See (juggle) – Black Heat
  9. L’ete Indien (Africa)  – Frank Pourcel
  10. Death Wish OST snippet – Herbie Hancock
  11. Stop and Go – Mandrill
  12. Do It Again – Herbie Mann
  13. Zimba Ku – Black Heat
  14. Burning Spear – Soulful Strings
  15. Mighty Mighty – Jesse Anderson
  16. Spring (interlude) – Moe Koffman
  17. Coco – Joe Thomas
  18. You and Me – Lighthouse
  19. Benzele Windows – Horacee Arnold
  20. Chain of Fools – Herbie Mann
  21. Country Soul – Harold Alexander
  22. Psychecemotus – Yusef Lateef
  23. Overture to Summer – Moe Koffman

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  1. This is outstanding — thanks for the hook up — I love flute funk!


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