Joe Acheson of Hidden Orchestra drops new mixtape, Archipelago Remixes Mixtape Part 2

In conjunction with Hidden Orchestra's new EP, Archipelago Remixes EP Part 2



Hidden Orchestra Mixtape


Hidden Orchestra just dropped a new EP, Archipelago Remixes EP Part 2, on Tru Thoughts.

In celebration, Hidden Orchestra multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Joe Acheson has put together a new mixtape, Archipelago Remixes Mixtape Part 2, premiering here. Joe spans the globe and mixes together bits and pieces from the likes of DJ Shadow, the Beach Boys, the Fugees, Frank Sinatra, King Tubby, Fat Joe, David Holmes, and much more.



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This second part of Joe Acheson’s fifth mixtape in his annual series of @hiddenorchestra mixtapes celebrates the release of “Archipelago Remixes Part 2 EP”, released May 12th 2014 on Tru Thoughts Records.

Buy the 2×10″ & digital direct from Tru Thoughts

Like Part 1 of the mixtape (Tru-thoughts – Archipelago-remixes-mixtape-1), it focuses on remixes both of and by Hidden Orchestra, and nearly all the tracks have been further remixed or mashed up by Joe.

Like all of Joe’s mixtapes, there is a broad and multi-layered range of music and sound from around the world, from contemporary releases stretching back to the 1940’s and something from every decade in-between – including imagined collaborations such as Burial with vocals from Argentinian folk legend Mercedes Sosa, or Linton Kwesi Johnson reciting poetry over Tipper’s immaculately-produced beats.

There is also a wealth of sound design and spoken word, taken from interviews with composers, radio programmes (many recorded by Joe), and poetry recitals.

Other artists making appearances in this fast-paced mix include Four Tet, King Tubby, Frank Sinatra, Junip, Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe, Squarepusher, The Four Tops, DJ Shadow, Floex, Finley Quaye, Clarinet Factory, Origamibiro and many more…

The previous mixtapes in this series can be found on the following links –
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Archipelago Mixtape (2013) Tru-thoughts – Joe-acheson-hidden-orchestra
Archipelago Remixes Mixtape Part 1 (2014) Tru-thoughts – Archipelago-remixes-mixtape-1

00:00 Blindness (performed by John Rowe) – BBC Radio 3 drama produced by Matt Thompson
00:01 Disquiet (Floex Remix) – Hidden Orchestra
00:08 Ceffylau – Catrin Finch & Sekou Keita
04:52 Going Nowhere – DJ Shadow
05:02 The Swineherd (read by Boris Karloff) – Hans Christian Andersen
05:17 Spirit – Dam Mantle
05:34 Nature Boy (with the Jeff Alexander Choir) – Frank Sinatra
07:04 Bothan – Alyth McCormack
07:58 Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix) – Long Arm
10:36 Buckshot Dub – King Tubby
10:42 Coronation Scot – Vivian Ellis
11:01 Paul Temple and the Vandyke Affair (performed by Marjorie Westbury and Peter Coke) – BBC Radio drama written by Francis Durbridge (1950)
11:37 Sweet & Bitter Taste – Junip
11:37 Midnight in a Perfect World – DJ Shadow
12:00 Rumble in the Jungle (acapella) – Fugees
12:26 God Only Knows (acapella) – The Beach Boys
13:23 1993 – DJ Signify
13:47 How Many Mics (acapella) – Fugees
13:50 Blindness (performed by John Rowe) – BBC Radio 3 drama produced by Matt Thompson
14:28 On The Record (acapella) – Big Shug
15:21 Spoken (KRTS ‘Sprechen’ Remix) – Hidden Orchestra
15:32 Flow Joe – Fat Joe
16:03 Head Rush On Lafayette – David Holmes
16:17 12 O’Clock – Group Home
17:06 C.R.E.A.M. (acapella) – Wu-Tang Clan
18:35 Ya Playin Yaself (acapella) – Jeru The Damaja
19:12 Amberley Train Summer 1999 (field recording) – Joe Acheson
19:33 Last Train Home – Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe
20:22 Tundra – Squarepusher
24:18 En Vagyok Az, Aki Nem Jo – Csik Zenekar
24:40 Bela Bartok (in interview with David LeVita) – WNYC’s ‘Ask the Composer’ series (July 2, 1944)
25:59 Storrington Waterfall Christmas Eve 2012 (field recording) – Joe Acheson
27:00 Fostercare – Burial MR JAMES
27:05 Gracias a la Vida (live) – Mercedes Sosa
30:57 African Deer Edit – Lovers’ Rights
31:28 Blindness (performed by Madeleine Worral, Peter Sproule, Anthony Howell) – BBC Radio 3 drama produced by Matt Thompson
31:42 Ask The Lonely (acapella) – The Four Tops
34:42 Without You – Junip
34:42 Antiphon (drums only) – Hidden Orchestra
36:17 Midnight in a Perfect World – DJ Shadow
37:23 PD 124 (PP drums) — Four Tet
37:25 Maverick A Strike – Finley Quaye
42:15 5 Steps (Hidden Orchestra Remix) – Clarinet Factory
47:28 Kalo Dié – Koutaye-Neerman
47:57 Storrington Dawn Chorus May 2014 (field recording) – Joe Acheson
48:28 The Most Beautiful Sound in the World – BBC Radio documentary produced by Matt Thompson
50:50 Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean – Floex
51:00 Ancient Sorceries (read by Philip Madoc) – Algernon Henry Blackwood
53:36 Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean (Hidden Orchestra Remix) – Floex
57:16 OutsideInsideOut – Tipper
57:41 If I Was A Tap Natch Poet (live on Def Poetry Jam, introduced by Mos Def) – Linton Kwesi Johnson
60:36 Eternaldream – Blossom
62:39 Spoken (submerse Remix) – Hidden Orchestra
65:02 Quad Time (Low In The Sky Remix) – Origamibiro
65:22 Hushed (beats-only version) – Hidden Orchestra
65:53 Quad Time (Leafcutter John Remix) – Origamibiro
68:32 The Most Beautiful Sound in the World – BBC Radio documentary produced by Matt Thompson
68:40 Storrington Waterfall Christmas Eve 2012 (field recording) – Joe Acheson

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