Miami Life Mixtape

Induce & DJ Tosh bringing summer sounds



“Miami living, while definitely having its influences, has itself influenced so much. And I hope to always be a part of it, even when I’m gone.”  –Induce.

Wax Poetics is excited to present an exclusive free mixtape, Miami Life, courtesy of Induce and DJ Tosh. Sixty-seven glorious minutes of funk, soul, hip-hop, and 808 bass that reference the city’s music scene and pays homage to various elements of Miami life. Being a truly dope tape to bump this summer, we chatted to Induce to find out a little more about what went into the mix and how it came about:

What inspired the mixtape?

The Sun. The Beach. The Hood. The Funk. The Swamp. The Ocean. The Ruggedness. The Trees. The Rain. The Water in the Air.

How did you and DJ Tosh collaborate on it? And when did you first start working together?

Tosh lived in Miami for a number of years before returning to his motherland, Japan. While down here, he was in a group called Climber, known for their instrumental hip-hop album called Downtown Loop, built around samples of deep cuts. Tosh is a really heavy record digger. So last time he came back to the states, we got together and went record for record.

How would you describe the mixtape?

The mix is basically a blend of every classic Miami musical style from the ’70s to the ’90s. You have the nasty funk of Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke along with all of the TK Disco family, blended right next to the 808 ’80s. Miami provided the inspiration for the whole trap sound today. I mean, I’m not even talking about the 140 BPM jams that everybody knows, but there are also so many mid-tempo bass joints that paved the way for Caprice music. Cool Will’s “On the One” is one of those classics if you grew up in Miami during that era. Then in the ’90s, there was a surprising amount of quality hip-hop coming out of Miami. “96 Cream Hunt” was a Miami anthem and Mic Rippa was a legend during that time, especially for somehow getting Juju from the Beatnuts to produce a beat for him. Legend has it, that there’s a whole Mic Rippa album produced by Juju sitting in a drawer somewhere in Queens.



Track List:

1.    Intro
2.    Little Beaver “Party Down Pt.1”
3.    Miami feat. Robert Moore “Party Freaks”
4.    Michael Sterling “Desperate”
5.    A.N.M. “Trigger Happy Cop”
6.    Righteous Funk Boogie “Peace in da Hood”
7.    Bobby Byrd “The Way You Get Down”
8.    Clarence Reid “Till I Get My Share”
9.    Clarence Reid “Nobody But You Babe”
10.   Society “Yes ‘N’ Deed”
11.   Lastrawze “Big Respect”
12.   Mother Superia “Most of All”
13.   Betty Wright “Clean Up Woman”
14.   Jimmy “Bo” Horne “Clean Up Man”
15.   Backlive “1000 MC’s (Gil Green)”
16.   Tony Rock “Still Doin’ It”
17.   Miami “Kill That Roach”
18.   Two Live Crew “What I Like”
19.   Cool Will “On the One”
20.   Home Team “Pick It Up”
21.   The Polo Boyz “Twist Ya Day-Laz”
22.   Little Beaver “Little Girl Blue”
23.   Mr. Mic Rippa “96’ Cream Hunt” (Prod. by Juju of the Beatnuts)
24.   B-Dope “After Midnight” (Prod. by DJ Craze)

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