Epic Brazilian 45 set: The Brasileiro Treasure Box of Funk & Soul


Brasileiro Treasure Box

This epic set of seven 7-inch records of rare Brazilian tracks from the always-great Cultures of Soul is a major treat. This is what vinyl reissues is all about. Expertly compiled by Greg Caz and Deano Sounds, The Brasileiro Treasure Box of Funk & Soul contains funky music from iconic musicians like Antônio Carlos & Jocafi, Toni Tornado, Emilio Santiago, Tom Zé, Celia, Dom Salvador E Abolição, and Trio Mocotó among others. The box also contains a poster and booklet.

DJ/historian Greg Caz sums up the project: “The central theme of this compilation is funky nuggets from the first half of the ’70s. We believe this compilation displays its own particular sense of logic, and that these songs ultimately all sound fantastic together, just like they would on a great night with your favorite DJ. Regardless of one’s familiarity with artists like Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, Os Incríveis, Toni Tornado or Celia, the material on these 45s speaks its own truth and justifies its inclusion here. Many of these songs were originally available as singles, while others were taken from albums, but all are guaranteed to find their way into many DJ boxes and playlists.”

Buy it now while there are still some left!


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38 Responses

  1. The ever soulful Milton Nasciemento was my conduit to Brazilian soul music

    – Reggie B
  2. Tim Maia, of course.

    – Andre
  3. Too, too many to choose from.
    Gal Costa (I mean, come on – exhibit a being “Pontos de Luz” from the India LP and exhibit b being, well, the cover of the India LP)
    Tim Maia – I mean, the whole entry into Cultura Racional and the associated LPs (somebody, please, reissue these things on vinyl, please) was amazing music and an amazing story
    Arthur Verocai – I cannot count the number of times I have listened to that album, and he did arrangements for oodles of classics…

    – Raimondo Bruno
  4. Favorite?! Wow; today…it’s Clara Nunes….

    – Sule Greg Wilson
  5. SIVUCA!

    – Mike Fairchild
  6. Gilberto Gil

    – Erik Froylan
  7. !!!Tom Ze!!!

    – Roberto Jollymon
  8. Banda Black Rio

    – George "Funknova"
  9. Jobim is classic of course – if I had to pick just one, it would be him. I really love Karol Conka among contemporary artists, but there are so many amazing artists. I’ve been really enjoying Preta Gil’s music lately, and Nara Leao made my heart melt when I put her record on the other day.

    – Steve
  10. I’m a lover of ceu and paula lima. :) they rock my soul

    – adé
  11. Azymuth for the past and Seu Jorge for the now

    – Matthias L
  12. Always down to listen to some Astrud Gilberto. Her cover of Take It Easy My Brother Charlie is one of my all time favorite tracks.

  13. mutantes!

    – hth
  14. Tom Ze all day!

    – Ryan Frizzell
  15. Cartola.

    – Yene
  16. Tania Maria

    – Adam Windmill
  17. Antonio Carlos Jobim was my gateway into Brazilian music. A remarkable songwriter and performer, he was one of the founding fathers of the bossa nova style.

    – Chas Funk
  18. Os Mutantes, man. (too mainstream?)

    – Mike
  19. Azymuth is definitely a favorite!

    – Brian H.
  20. Natriroots, small band from fortaleza, don t know if they still exist…

    – Jo
  21. Verocai!

    – Matt
  22. off the top of my head… elza soares

    – Glenn H
  23. Marcos Valle! Brasilian modernism that still sounds modern today! He has it all: melodicism, a mastery of rhythm and an exploratory spirit.

    – Spencer
  24. Marcos Valle

    Lucas Nonose de Oliveira
  25. Marku Ribas!!

    He’s my favorite for right now his voice is so raw and his compositions are on point!

    – Mossfoot Soupbone
  26. Novos Baianos. But also Nascimento, Gil, and so many more!

    – Eric Freund
  27. Marcos Valle

    – Vinzenz Wyss
  28. Tom Ze!

    – Andrew
  29. My favorite brazilian composer would have to be Arthur Verocai. His combination of soulful rhythms intertwined with an authentic brazilian feel in percussion and melody made for a real enjoyful musical experience. You can easily hear big band influences right next to something like Frank Zappa and Ray Charles.

    – Ryan
  30. Caetano – transa

    – Phillip
  31. Tim maia’s luaka bop compilation definitely has some of the best soul music from brazil, in my opinion.

    – Geraldo R.
  32. Caetano Veloso.

    – Bret McCabe
  33. Tim Maia!

  34. Tim Maia, again and again

    – Jon D
  35. Astrud Gilberto, cause she has THE voice

    – Arthur M
  36. Jorge Ben, and then Tim Maia, Azimuth, Vinicius, Dom Salvador, Moacir Santos,Milton Nascimento, Banda Black Rio, Seu Jorge, Ceu, Elis, Eliana Pittman,Clara Nunes, the Bahia wave (Gilberto, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania), Marcos Valle, Joyce, Tom Jobim and many more

    – fabrizio
  37. My ears melt when they are served Gerson King Combo, Lincoln Olivetti, and more recently Seu Jorge and his Farofa!

    – noel
  38. Erasmo Carlos!!! Sonhos E Memórias is unbelievable

    – Conor

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