George Duke LP box set from MPS: The Era Will Prevail


George Duke


George Duke’s late-’70s and early ’80s records on Epic are funky jams no doubt, but it’s his earlier catalog on the German label MPS that has a certain mystical aura, if you will.

The story goes that MPS head honcho Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer was in San Francisco to record a quintet when he went to the Jazz Workshop to see Les McCann play. But it was McCann’s night off and a young George Duke was sitting in for him. I guess Brunner-Schwer recognized greatness immediately, because he set up a recording session on the spot. So started their lengthy stint together.

Now MPS has released a box set of Duke’s six LPs: The Inner Source (1973), Feel (1974), FAce in Reflection (1974), The Aura Will Prevail (1975), I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry (1975), and Liberated Fantasies (1976). That’s seven 180 gram vinyl albums, six of them having gatefold sleeves. Includes and excellent booklet as well.

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