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Tamla 45 set from Third Man Records

Detroit: home of the revered Motown label that helped to change popular music forever, among other great music and artists that hailed from (and continue to come out of) the Motor City. Third Man Records also has roots there, and while the label has its headquarters based out of another great American musical city, Nashville, it has never forgotten home. Opening on November 27, the label is expanding/coming back full circle to the D—specifically, the Cass Corridor. It’s there where the label will set up another storefront and base. As if that’s not newsworthy enough, they also recently announced that they will be opening a brand new vinyl pressing plant with new presses, bringing “real-life manufacturing jobs back to Detroit.”

The label has never been afraid of trying a multitude of strategies, from crazy antics like releasing flexi-discs via balloons, to extreme deluxe editions, to their own limited-edition pressed-on-demand Vault subscriptions, and making licensing deals for early blues artists, legendary early rock & roll labels like Sun, and documenting Paramount Records via two expansive box sets. Should it be any surprise that they have worked out a deal with Universal to take on reissuing another label’s 45s?

Released on Black Friday (November 27), Third Man reissued nine 45s in an ongoing series tracing the early days of Motown. Included in the initial bunch is a bit of doo-wop, R&B instrumentals, surf instrumentals, and vocal R&B packaged in reproduction Tamla sleeves and label design.

Marvin Gaye – “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” / “Never Let You Go”
Chico Leverett – “Solid Sender” / “I’ll Never Love Again”
The Miracles – “Way Over There” / “(You Can) Depend On Me”
Nick & The Jaguars – “Ich-i-bon #1” / “Cool And Crazy”
The Satintones – “Going To The Hop” / “Motor City”
Barrett Strong – “Let’s Rock” / “Do The Very Best You Can”
Barrett Strong – “Money” / “Oh I Apologize”
The Supremes – “Buttered Popcorn” / “Who’s Lovin You”
The Swinging Tigers – “Snake Walk (Part 1)” / “Snake Walk (Part 2)”

Check out the Swinging Tigers, an early incarnation of the Funk Brothers:

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  1. Wish they could get the rights to the later classic Tamla material from 63 onwards. Just don’t like the very early Tamla stuff unfortunately…..

    Johnny F

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