Bosq of Whiskey Barons

"Paciencia De Jo" ft. Tita Lima



Producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Woods (under the name Bosq of Whiskey Barons) creates an hour-long-plus album chock full of global grooves, Bosq y Orquesta de Madera, due in late August.

Wax Poetics brings you an exclusive first listen of the opening track, “Paciencia de Jo,” a breezy tropicalia tune featuring vocals by Tita Lima, who also penned the lyrics.

Says Bosq, “I wrote all of the music, and she did all of the lyrics. I’m terrible with lyrical concepts, so generally I’ll just give vocalists a working title at the most and have them write the words. This track came together much quicker than most of the stuff on the album. I remember waking up and having an idea on my Rhodes, and in that one day I laid down basically the whole track, and it was done that evening. Eventually, I decided to get real players for the drums and percussion, which were done by the phenomenal Steve Haney from Jungle Fire and Chad Farran.”



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  1. Killing it!

    – Occassional Wolf
  2. Elegant! I will plan my radio show and DJ set on the beach.

    Massimiliano Troiani
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