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The Drum Talking Mixtape


Mo Kolours, the half-Mauritian percussionist and vocalist celebrated by the likes of Gilles Peterson, has released a new EP entitled Drum Talking on One-Handed MusicBased on drums, this project includes a variety of songs that all focus on percussion. Clearly audible throughout are the influences of soul, dub, and sega music.

The tracklist does not include songs, but lists the drummers and percussionists to each track instead:

  1. Nilija
  2. Math Samba, Luc Assa, Alpha Konate, Prosper N’Kouri
  3. Unknown
  4. Hermeto Pascoal
  5. Roy Haynes
  6. Buddy Miles
  7. P. Lapouble
  8. Ray King, Mike Rose, Pablo Gonsales, Sam Kelly, Joey Dee
  9. Carlton “Santa” Davis
  10. Bernard Purdie
  11. Easy Santa
  12. Sol Amarfio
  13. Stomu Yamash’ta
  14. Ed Green, Gary Coleman
  15. Gregg Gregg
  16. Nilija, Pudim, Ben Hassan
  17. Adama Drame, Siaka Bamoro
  18. Eddie Knowles, Charlie Saunders, David Barnes

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10 Responses

  1. what dub track is that at 11:00 right after Cymande? it’s some remix or cover of Every Knee Shall Bow.


    – shape
  2. No DL link?


    – Tone
  3. can i please get a track ID for the one at 11:00?

    – shape
  4. When I saw wax poetics and drum talking it was a done deal. This is more than just music, this is more than just a mixtape, this is eternal sounds travelling all the way back to the drums of congo to 2012 and beyond. Thank you peeps for putting this together.

    – AJ
  5. track ID, pleaaaaasse!! common, Mo – gotta have that one :)

    – shape
  6. Check out this exclusive Q&A feature with Mo Kolours by Fourth and Main:

  7. Sounds great. I really like your style of music.

    john@ World Hand Drums

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