Nostalgia 77 Mix: Relics


Ben Lamdin (aka Nostalgia 77) has a nice mix of tunes from some of the prominent artists in the underground London jazz scene; it’s a timely mix for our Jazz Issue. Relics features tracks from his own label, Impossible Ark, as well as Babel, Loop, Grundle, and Ninja Tune, providing an cross section of the sounds of contemporary jazz in London including a couple unreleased gems such as “Dandelions” by Kaz Simmons and “Elephants” by the Skeletons.

Relics Tracklist

1. “Elephants,” The Skeletons (Koka / Universal)
2. “Awake Like This,” Fringe Magnetic (Loop)
3. “The Magnetic Peacock,” Riaan Vosloo (Impossible Ark)
4. “We Are Two,” Ma (Grundle)
5. “Lost Where I Belong” Andrea Triana (Ninja Tune)
6. “Bleak Sylvette,” Outhouse (Babel)
7. “Beatrice,” Allsopp, Vosloo, Stanley, Giles (Impossible Ark)
8. “Dandelions” Kaz Simmons
9. “Empathy,” The Rhythmagic Orchestra (Impossible Ark)


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