Wax Poetics Radio 004

Bad Data #003 with Chris Peters



Matt Sullivan at Light in the Attic talks about Korean guitarist Shin Joong Hyun and LITA’s new compilation Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958–1974.

The 45 King tells the story of the beat behind Jay-Z’s pop crossover.

Steve Ordower talks about Classic Moments in Jubilee Showcase, a DVD of classic gospel television performances.

Beats by 3:33. Taken from Live From the Grove courtesy of Parallel Thought.


1. Matt Sullivan interview
2. “Beautiful Rivers and Mountains” Shin Joong Hyun
3. Matt Sullivan interview
4. “I’ve Got Nothing to Say” Shin Joong Hyun
5. 45 King interview
6. “Hard Knock Life” Jay-Z
7. “Learn How to Wait on Jesus” (with intro by Sid Ordower) The Jessy Dixon Singers
8. Steve Ordower interview
9. “Oh What a Meeting” (with intro by Sid Ordower) The Soul Stirrers

Wax Poetics Radio is an open-format podcast that will feature different hosts and DJs playing a variety of music and interviews.

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3 Responses

  1. this site used to be worth visiting now it just wack shit kendra morris ads and same dj every podcast. bad data indeed. And I know you aint print this cause you didnt print my last one what wasnt even negative or critical. You muthafuckas dont want criticism, so how you gonna do better?

    – zed
  2. Wow, I had the same problem except I never even said anything bad!!? So I wasn’t even gonna post this (’cause it’ll be deleted) but yeah, if you wanna piss your fans off, don’t allow them the freedom of speech on your comments section. Anyway, I’m catching up with the podcasts but I think I’ll skip this one. Jay-Z is not my cup of tea…

    – spaceboy
  3. These comments were deleted? Not sure what either of you are talking about. We can’t please all of the people all of the time.

    Wax Poetics

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