Patty Hearst, the SLA, and the Rimshots


On February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst, the 19-year-old daughter of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California, by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). One of the unforeseen repercussions: a pretty nice soundtrack on Stang.

The Berkeley-based radical group used showy, violent media stunts to gain public attention and support their cause to eliminate class and race based oppression, i.e. kidnapping a millionaire’s daughter. The SLA originally took Patty Hearst to force her father to redistribute his wealth to the community, but soon she became a loyal member of the “army” and was eventually arrested in 1975.

A 1976 biopic, Patty, was released without much response (not to be confused with the more popular 1988 film Patty Hearst directed by Paul Schrader), and, unfortunately, the original blaxploitation soundtrack was also neglected. Released in 1976 on Stang Records, the soundtrack features a dope lineup of Stang artists the Moments, the Rimshots, Retta Young, and Chuck Jackson.

Below, hear the ultra funky jam “Do What You Feel” by the Rimshots, originally from the Patty soundtrack and rereleased in two parts on their own 1976 album Down to Earth.


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