Time Has Come Today


Willie Chambers, guitarist and vocalist for the Chambers Brothers, turns seventy-three today. Made up of brothers Joe, Lester, George, and Willie, the Chambers Brothers were one of the earliest groups to merge gospel and psychadellic musical qualities and would eventually add Brian Keenan as their drummer. Barbara Dane played an integral role in the group’s rise to fame, and their relationship led them to the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. That performance introduced their raw sound to extremely receptive crowds, and the Chambers Brothers’ sound was born. Their music has been used in countless film soundtracks, and A Tribe Called Quest sampled “Funky” on their classic “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.”  The group broke up in 1972 (but reunited for a few more albums), and Willie has since worked as a session musician and with the Artie Vegas Revue.

The Chambers Brothers performed their 1968 hit, “Time Has Come Today,” (which was cowritten by Willie) on The Ed Sullivan Show.


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  1. If the group broke up in 1972, how did they all manage to do the next three albums, Unbonded, Right Move, Live from Mars?

    Jeff Levine

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