Issue 31 - Shuggie Otis

Issue 31

For Issue 31, we talk to some of music’s most mysterious figures. Cover artist Shuggie Otis tells the engaging tale…

October 31st, 2008 | Wax Poetics | Wax Poetics Magazine
Issue 14

Issue 14

Producer/composer/arranger David Axelrod graces the cover of our fall issue. Part 1 of the interview explores Axelrod’s years at Capitol…

September 21st, 2005 | Wax Poetics | Wax Poetics Magazine

Issue 8

Brian Burton is… Danger Mouse Snatching Heads Back in Time! Left-Field Americana Private Press LPs Oliver Sain: Soul Renaissance Man…

April 21st, 2004 | Wax Poetics | Wax Poetics Magazine


“Musically and conceptually, I’m about survival.” With those words, Del reminds us that unlike most rappers, Del remains musically active, and…

February 8th, 2004 | David Ma | Articles

A look back twenty years on Aaliyah’s short but influential career.

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