Video4 TV
Eazy-E TV
Video2 TV
On the Job Training
Part One: Lionel C. Martin
Video1 TV
Kendra Morris Video
"If You Didn't Go"
Kendra Morris "If You Didn't Go" TV S
The Nod
Salsa Underground
NYC's Record Mart captured in compilation
Record Mart, 1973. © Brian Merlis Colection, TV
"Lovely Lady" music video TV
Channel Surfing
Minnie Riperton
Close call with a lion
Minnie Riperton TV
Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves”
World Premiere Music Video
Concrete Waves - Kendra Morris TV
Free Tracks
Joni Haastrup
Afrobeat mastermind reintroduces himself
Joni Haastrup TV
Wax Poetics Records
Something About April
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn TV
WPR012-Front TV
The Album
Count C, the Wizard of the West
Count C TV
The Album
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
“It’s Me” Serato 12-inch (ON SALE NOW)
Venice Dawn 12-inch TV S
The Album
Norman Jay’s Good Times
Strut Records chats up U.K.’s most influential sound-system guru
Norman Jay TV
Channel Surfing
“Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet”
mystikal TV
Tame One
Brick City MC breaks down the music industry and hip-hop’s place within it
Wax Poetics TV Episode 005: Tame One TV
The Album
Enter Wax Poetics
Behind-the-scenes look at your favorite mag
wax_thbnl TV
Kings Go Forth
Milwaukee outsiders capture soul’s golden age
Kings Go Forth - Wax Poetics TV TV
East of Underground
Short documentary on U.S. Army band
East of Underground TV
The Album
The Bo-Keys Got to Get Back!
Making-of documentary of Memphis R&B album
Bo-Keys mini-documentary TV
Helado Negro
Synthesizing Latin roots and electronic futurism
Helado Negro TV
Stanton-Davis TV
Rebirth Brass Band
Safe-guarding the second-line soul of New Orleans
Rebirth Brass Band - Wax Poetics TV TV