Video4 TV
Eazy-E TV
Video2 TV
On the Job Training
Part One: Lionel C. Martin
Video1 TV
Kendra Morris Video
"If You Didn't Go"
Kendra Morris "If You Didn't Go" TV S
The Nod
Salsa Underground
NYC's Record Mart captured in compilation
Record Mart, 1973. © Brian Merlis Colection, TV
"Lovely Lady" music video TV
Channel Surfing
Minnie Riperton
Close call with a lion
Minnie Riperton TV
Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves”
World Premiere Music Video
Concrete Waves - Kendra Morris TV
Free Tracks
Joni Haastrup
Afrobeat mastermind reintroduces himself
Joni Haastrup TV
WPR012-Front TV
The Album
Count C, the Wizard of the West
Count C TV
The Album
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
“It’s Me” Serato 12-inch (ON SALE NOW)
Venice Dawn 12-inch TV S
The Album
Norman Jay’s Good Times
Strut Records chats up U.K.’s most influential sound-system guru
Norman Jay TV
Channel Surfing
“Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet”
mystikal TV
Tame One
Brick City MC breaks down the music industry and hip-hop’s place within it
Wax Poetics TV Episode 005: Tame One TV
The Album
Enter Wax Poetics
Behind-the-scenes look at your favorite mag
wax_thbnl TV
Kings Go Forth
Milwaukee outsiders capture soul’s golden age
Kings Go Forth - Wax Poetics TV TV
East of Underground
Short documentary on U.S. Army band
East of Underground TV
The Album
The Bo-Keys Got to Get Back!
Making-of documentary of Memphis R&B album
Bo-Keys mini-documentary TV
Helado Negro
Synthesizing Latin roots and electronic futurism
Helado Negro TV
Stanton-Davis TV
Rebirth Brass Band
Safe-guarding the second-line soul of New Orleans
Rebirth Brass Band - Wax Poetics TV TV
Seun Kuti
Afrobeat’s son stands up for Africa
Seun Kuti - Wax Poetics TV TV