Issue 41


  • re:Discoverey Jimmy Spicer, Vicious Beat Posse, Just Ice, Mixmaster Gee and the Turntable Orchestra, Spyder D
  • In Memoriam Chilly B 1962-2010, Guru 1962-2010, Malcolm McLaren 1946-2010
  • Souls of Mischief Rap Veterans still eye infinity
  • A Bronx Tale Latino hip-hop pioneer DJ Disco Wiz spins a hard-knock yarn
  • Record Rundown Easy Mo Bee kicks some flava in ya ear
  • Record Spot Rundown with DJ Amir
  • The Connection Supreme united New York’s skate and hip-hop cultures
  • The Latin Implosion Freestyle’s mix of rap and dance hit hard then fell into obscurity
  • Basic Training Ice-T found his swagger in the electro trenches of Uncle Jamm’s Army
  • Most Wanted Ice Cube’s revolutionary debut fused the sounds of both coasts
  • The Teacher KRS-One preaches the hip-hop gospel
  • Future Shock Innovator Grandmixer DXT launched the turntable into the space age
  • Business Men Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith took EPMD from the burbs to the bank
  • Video Rundown Peanut Butter Wolf trades vinyl for video
  • Analog Out The legacy of digital sampling instruments
  • Converse 45 Series True School: Canibus feat. DJ Premier “Golden Terra of Rap” b/w Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & The Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra “Hoc N Pucky”


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