“Concrete Waves”



From the forthcoming debut album by newest Wax Poetics Records artist Kendra Morris comes the first single, “Concrete Waves,” a menacingly funky groove that serves as a warning of what’s to come. Releasing on December 6 on official Serato Control Vinyl 12-inch in limited-edition blue concrete swirl, the track is remixed by the one-and-only DJ Premier.

While already being compared to the blue-eyed-soul divas of the U.K., Kendra’s own unique songwriting and lush harmonies set her firmly in a league of her own. Cowriter/producer Jeremy Page creates consistently inventive aural atmospheres—from heavy, head-nodding rhythms to introspective, soulful guitar work—that push the music giant steps ahead of the current soul scene. Kendra and Page expand the genre, creating something that is truly their own.

Wax Poetics teams up with DJ Premier for the first-ever Serato Control Vinyl 12-inch. The “DJ Premier 320 Remix” shows the iconic producer in top form, proving yet again why Premo is an incomparable hip-hop legend.

In 2004, Serato debuted its Scratch Live software, allowing DJs to mix and scratch files from their computer using regular turntables or CDJs. Control Vinyl in various colors soon became collector’s items among DJs. Side 1 of this release plays as a normal vinyl record, while Side 2 is designed to interact with Serato’s software.

Track Listing:

Side A:

  1. Concrete Waves
  2. DJ Premier 320 Remix

Side B:

  1. Serato Control Vinyl


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