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Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge drops new synthesizer album, The Electronique Void

Photo by Andrew Lojero   You know that friend that’s always giving you love advice? The kind of advice you don’t really want to hear, but deep down, you know you need it? That friend that tells you when you’re letting a fuckboy walk all over you? Adrian Younge’s album The Electronique Void is like that friend, in music form. It’s a space-age tutorial on how to feel and understand love. “Love is a concept. It’s not finite,” Younge muses….

September 23, 2016 | Layne Weiss | Articles
Adrian Younge

10 records that influenced Adrian Younge while producing the new Souls of Mischief album

Adrian Younge recently got together with Bay Area golden boys Souls of Mischief to create a new album that harkens back to the glory days of ’93 but gives the wordsmiths a new hip-hop structure to build their stories upon. The resulting album, There Is Only Now, is due out on August 24 on Younge’s own Linear Labs Music label. The crew has already dropped the lead single, “There Is Only Now ft. Snoop Dogg,” which is available…

August 15, 2014 | Wax Poetics | Record Rundown
Voices of Gemma

Adrian Younge returns with the psychedelic Voices of Gemma

On the heels of releasing the Luke Cage score with Ali Shaheed Muhammad, multi-instrumentalist/producer Adrian Younge built a custom analog recording studio—Linear Labs—in Southern California that could fit a small orchestra. For his first project, Younge orchestrated the psychedelic album Voices of Gemma, complete with strings and woodwinds. Heavy on the Rotary Connection references, Voices features opera…

March 20, 2018 | Wax Poetics | Tracks

Los Angeles production duo Starkiller team up with English vocalist Harleighblu for new single, album

Los Angeles natives C. E. Garcia and Alfredo E. Fratti—core members of Adrian Younge’s Venice Dawn who have laid down ill bass lines and keyboards, and guitar and flute licks, respectively—have teamed up as a production duo called Starkiller. For their first album, they’ve teamed up with Nottingham, England, vocalist Harleighblu for the Tru Thoughts release Amorine, dropping November 4. We’re premiering their first single,…

September 21, 2016 | Wax Poetics | Tracks

Issue 38

It’s been a long time coming. In fact, for the past eight years and thirty-seven issues, we’ve wanted to do a Curtis Mayfield cover. It finally worked out for our unofficial Film/Hustler Issue, in which we take a look at Mayfield’s epic soundtrack recording Super Fly. New York writer Michael Gonzales pulls from his own 1996 Curtis Mayfield interview as well as tapping Curtis associates, guitarists Craig McMullen and Phil…

November 13, 2009 | Wax Poetics | Wax Poetics Magazine
Ghostface Killah

In an arena where MCs seldom have longevity, Ghostface Killah has been a pillar of hip-hop since 1993’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

All photography by Thomas Dagg   See this rap shit? Came at a time that was accurate. Twenty years later, I mastered it. –“In tha Park” (2010)   “Turn these fuckin’ lights down, turn them shits down,” says Ghostface, irritated and snarling, presumably at the guy manning stage lights. “Shit’s blinding a nigga’s eyeballs.” Born Dennis Coles but known to the world as Ghostface Killah, aka Tony Starks, he grabs a water bottle as the…

July 17, 2015 | David Ma | Articles

Protected: Converse

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

March 31, 2010 | Wax Poetics | Case Study

Protected: Maker’s Mark

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

April 12, 2010 | Wax Poetics | Case Study

Culinary Guide to Austin

…The continuation of Maker’s Mark/Wax Poetics TV’s look at hot spots to eat in and around Austin, TX. FEATURED SPOTS: Aster’s (Ethiopian Food) Rio’s Brazilian (Brazilian Food) Uchiko (Sushi) MUSIC PERFORMANCES: Kendra Morris Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn Calibro 35 MUSIC BED: Chico Mann The Mackrosoft…

May 3, 2011 | Wax Poetics | Videos

I mastered what?

AFTER THE MADNESS: home (outside) (inside)   The uncles of America would like you to listen to more Donald Byrd, please. You’ve heard, loved, and looked out the window wistfully to “I’m a Fool to Want You” and “Cristo Redentor,” and watched me walk down the street to “The Emperor” (DON’T LIE I SAW YOU), so you know that uncles are absolutely justified in their Byrd pushiness….

March 4, 2013 | Logan Melissa | Guest Blog
Ed Motta AOR 2 Mixtape

Ed Motta drops AOR Mix 2 chock full of funky and rare tunes

Ed Motta has created AOR Mix 2, another brilliant mixtape exclusively for Wax Poetics, in support of his U.S. tour (stream the mix below). This weekend, the crown prince of Brazilian funk makes a special pilgrimage to the geographical source of inspiration for his latest album, AOR. San Diego, L.A., and Oakland will get a rare treat to see Ed for the first time on the West Coast in 14 years. Ed’s eleventh studio album finds the Dr. Who of…

October 8, 2014 | Allen Thayer | Mixtape
Bernie Worrell and Funkadelic

Bernie Worrell was the key to the P-Funk sound

The Funkadelics: (left to right) Eddie Hazel, Billy “Bass” Nelson (with cap pulled down), Bernie Worrell, Tiki Fulwood, and Tawl Ross.   “Bernie is like a genius of geniuses.” –George Clinton “There’s perfect pitch and absolute pitch. I was born with perfect pitch,” this founding father of funk informs me. “That means you could tap on a piece of metal, and I’ll tell you what pitch it is. I’ll hear a jet flying overhead and tell you what…

June 27, 2016 | Matt Rogers | Articles
The Relatives

Psychedelic funk-gospel outfit the Relatives return for their final album

In the early 1970s, Dallas-based, socially conscious funk-gospel outfit the Relatives produced a few highly rare sides of gritty, soulful psychedelia in the name of the Lord. After those singles plus an unreleased session was anthologized in 2009, band reunited and released a new album in 2013. The next year, they began recording another album—Goodbye World, released on April 29 on Ubiquity—when bandleader Reverend Gean West fell into a coma…

April 29, 2016 | Wax Poetics | Tracks
Money Chicha "Let's Go Crazy" Prince

Austin band Money Chicha put a cumbia spin on Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”   Adrian Quesada is a man of many talents. As a guitarist and songwriter, he’s been part of many bands and projects, including Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds, the Echocentrics, Spanish Gold, Electric Peanut Butter Company (with Shawn Lee), and Money Chicha. Now he’s opened a recording studio in Austin, Texas: Level One Sound. He’s now prepping the release…

September 9, 2016 | Wax Poetics | Tracks

Instant Classic Selection by Souleance   Wax Poetics are excited to present Instant Classic Selection : an exquisite mixtape courtesy of French duo Souleance, a.k.a. producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist. Featuring gems from the likes of Brenda George, Lord Creator, Usje Sukatma, Patrice Rushen, and Souleance themselves, the mix feels undeniably good. So listen up and check out the Bamboule EP Souleance dropped…

November 13, 2017 | Alice Price-Styles | Mixtape
Prince Rogers Nelson

Our new hybrid journal with no ads.          Available in paperback and hardcover. 118 pages of all-new…