A gallery of photos from the NYC Roosevelt Hotel Record Convention, 1993–1995


Roosevelt Record Convention NYC Flyer

We recently found a stash of photographs from the late, great record dealer John Carraro that we did not use in our original article/post about the New York City Record Convention aka Roosevelt Hotel Record Show. Most of the following photos are from the Roosevelt Hotel, the location of the original and famed record convention, but some of the later ones are from the Marc Ballroom at Union Square, where the show was later moved to. All captions based on John’s original notes on the back of each photo, with corrections or additions by our staff. We’ve included some of the photos originally published in Wax Poetics.

Baby Paul and customer, with "Breakbeat Lenny" in back, Roosevelt Hotel-1

Baby Paul (and unknown customer), with “Breakbeat Lenny” of Octopus Breaks fame, in back.

Large Professor, 88-Keys, Roosevelt Hotel-2

Large Professor, 88-Keys, and Dr. Butcher (of the original X-Men and Kool G Rap & DJ Polo).


Baby Paul and JuJu of the Beatnuts, Roosevelt Hotel-3

Baby Paul with JuJu of the Beatnuts.


Phill "Soulman" Most (far left) and Baby Paul (in green jacket), Roosevelt Hotel-4

Phill “Soulman” Most (far left) speaking to Fusion Unlimited (in Carhartt hat), with Baby Paul (in green jacket). John Carraro’s assistant, Craig, is on the far right.


Roosevelt Hotel-5


Q-Tip with Sang Woo, Roosevelt Hotel-6

Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest with record collector Sang Woo.


Roosevelt Hotel-7

88-Keys and Diamond D, with “The Count” behind them.


Roosevelt Hotel-8

Large Professor and DITC producer Buckwild.


Roosevelt Hotel-9

88-Keys, Beni B (ABB Records), and John Carraro.


Roosevelt Hotel-10

Busta Rhymes (in hat, center) with John.


Roosevelt Hotel-11

Evil Dee (Da Beatminerz), 88-Keys, and Mr. Walt (Beatminerz).


Roosevelt Hotel-12

Beni B (in cap at left) speaking to “Breakbeat Lenny” (center, back), with John Carraro and Jeff “Chairman” Mao.


Roosevelt Hotel-13

Q-Tip, Kid Capri, U.K. record dealer Steve “Backatcha” Cura, and Sang Woo.


Roosevelt Hotel-14

Sang Woo, Pete Rock, Craig Kallman of Big Beat Records (now CEO of Atlantic Records), and Prince Be and DJ Minute Mix of P.M. Dawn.


Roosevelt Hotel-15

Beni B (center), John, and Q-Tip.


Roosevelt Hotel-16

John with “The Count.”


Roosevelt Hotel-17

Dr. Butcher and John.


Q-Tip and Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz

Q-Tip with Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz.


John Carraro with DJ Clark Kent

John Carraro with DJ Clark Kent (center) and Godfather Don (far right).


Buckwild and Diamond D

Buckwild (left), Diamond D (center), Sang Woo, and John.


Q-Tip with Jacqui Carraro.


Pete Rock and Buckwild

Pete Rock and Buckwild.


Prince Be and Pete Rock with John Carraro.

Prince Be, Pete Rock (center), and John.


Large Professor with John and Jacqui.

Large Professor with John and Jacqui Carraro.


Mr. Walt and Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz, with 88-Keys and John.

Mr. Walt and Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz, with 88-Keys and John.


Pete Rock and Diamond D checking out Prince Be’s score

Prince Be with Pete Rock and Diamond D looking on.


Marc Ballroom-1

Dr. Butcher and Rob Swift check out the Rubber Band’s Jimi Hendrix Songbook on GRT at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-2

Famed record dealer King George at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-3

Dr. Butcher and crowd at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-5

John with Baby Paul (center) at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-6

JuJu (center in cap) and Beatnuts producer the Mighty V.I.C. at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-8

John, customer Lateef, and Gerald “Jazzman” Short (off camera) at the Marc Ballroom.


Marc Ballroom-9

Pete Rock (center) at the Marc Ballroom, July 1995.


Marc Ballroom-10

Kid Capri and friends at the Marc Ballroom, July 1995.


Marc Ballroom-11

John, Q-Tip, and dealer/collector Bill Stein at the Marc Ballroom, July 1995.


Marc Ballroom-12

Malcolm Catto, John, and Gerald “Jazzman” Short at the Marc Ballroom.


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  1. Looks like Rob Swift in the tan jacket on photo #28

    – Stimulator Jones
  2. The ‘unknown customer’ with Q-Tip, Kid Capri and Sang Woo is UK record dealer Steve ‘Backatcha’ Cura

    – gerald short

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