10 top records from world-famous Beat Junkie DJ Babu

DJ Babu, part of the World Famous Beat Junkies and Dilated Peoples, shares his top ten records, a list that tells the story of his maturation as a kid in Oxnard to a world-class, international DJ.

by David Ma


Painting by Dion Bello


“Up until I was eight or nine, I was bouncing around a lot, all the time as a kid. I was born in Maryland and lived in Jacksonville then moved all over the U.S.,” explains Chris Oroc, widely known as DJ Babu.

After constant relocation (due to his father’s naval service), Chris landed in Oxnard, California, in the early ’80s where his teenage years paralleled hip-hop’s booming rise. Now in his late thirties, the seasoned DJ has toured globally as part of the World Famous Beat Junkies and as one-third of Dilated Peoples, manning the tables as well as production.

Through eloquent routines, multiple ITF titles and Vestax championships followed. Other calculated efforts, like his famed juggle of “Blind Alley” by the Emotions, bolstered his rep in the ’90s. And Super Duck Breaks, an early DJ tool record he produced as the Turntablist, is amongst the most used—and beloved—in the field. Below are DJ Babu’s top ten records, a list that tells the story of his maturation as a kid in Oxnard to a world-class, international DJ.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post, David. Babu is one of my favourite DJ’s. His work in Dilated Peoples alone places him firmly in my top 10. He has a style of his own which compliments Rakaa and Evidence’s socially conscious rhymes, and blends perfectly into Dilated’s unique sound.

    I was fascinated to read his top 10 most influential records of his career. It gave me an unprecedented insight into how this guy operates. I was especially surprised to see the Perth-based progressive Christian rock group The Dean of Perth with Bakery (that’s a mouthful) come in at number three.

    Babu seems to have an ear for selecting samples that are heavily textured and which sometimes come out of left field. Somehow though, he makes it work seamlessly, which is a testament to his skill.

    His cover of DJ Premier in Deep Concentration is one of my personal favourites, somehow bettering the original, which is no mean feat. Out of his more recent work, I would point to his collaboration with Aussie producer M-Phazes and Sean Price in Land of the Crooks as a stand-out track.

    I’ve read another blog that describes his cutting and scratching abilities as “surgical.” What do you think it is about Babs that makes his on stage presence so powerful?


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