Reggae revivalists the Expanders choose five classic faves


The Expanders

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It’s a good time for fans of the classic ’70s reggae sound. In addition to a steady stream of quality reissues, there are a handful of contemporary bands that take the sound very seriously, striving to respectfully and properly pay tribute to the mood and feel of vintage reggae. The Expanders, a Los Angeles–based quintet, are among those leading that charge.

This week saw the release of the Expanders’ third album, Hustling Culture, under the auspices of the respected Easy Star Records. The album was recorded entirely on analog tape at Killion Sound in North Hollywood by Sergio Rios of the veteran West Coast funksters Orgone.

The band took time out of prepping for an upcoming U.S. summer tour—dates and more info can be found here—to talk to Wax Poetics about a few of their favorite cuts from Jamaica’s golden era, each member making a pick:


Burning Spear
Studio One Presents Burning Spear
(Studio One) 1973

Burning Spear

Devin Morrison (guitar, vocals): This record changed the way I thought of “roots reggae.” The opening track, “Ethiopians Live It Out,” has an organ-bubble-groove that blew me away from jump. The classic tune “Door Peeper” is one we still sing as a backstage warm up at almost every show.

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