5 R&B records that producer/ engineer Bob Power put his stamp on

His name gained hip-hop notoriety when A Tribe Called Quest name-dropped him on their album, but this engineer/producer is also linked to a handful of classic R&B albums.



“Groove Is in the Heart” (Elektra) 1990
Recorded by Bob Power at Calliope Studios, NYC

That was an incredible record. And they really were much more pivotal in usage of samples in pop music than most people give them credit for: Kier, Dmitri, [and] Towa, who was the first DJ I’d ever seen who had real slice-and-dice skills, and that blew my mind. He did some cuts on that that were like, “Wow!” And then I got to spend the weekend with Bootsy, which was fantastic. I did my undergrad in St. Louis, so there’s Midwest things. And Bootsy’s from Cincinnati. Certain food things, like chili mac—which is macaroni and chili—but it’s a real Cincinnati thing. And we started riffin’ about that. And I had played in these R&B circuits around the Midwest, so we just vibed. It was cool.

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