A Better Tomorrow spins Todd Rundgren tracks for his Eccentric Soul Mix

Insect Records artist pays tribute to Todd Rundgren



A Better Tomorrow's "Eccentric Soul" Todd Rundgren mix


“Todd Rundgren is an artist I discovered in my teens during the mid-’90s while thrift store shopping,” says A Better Tomorrow, a producer and mastering engineer whose addiction to that DJ Premier/Pete Rock classic New York hip-hop sound has fueled his creativity and is evident in his new album, It’s Diamond Dave, out now via iNSECT RECORDS.

A Wizard, a True Star LP had me tweaking. Into a whole new level. Staggering catalog of music. What can I add to what has already been said about him. He’s a genius. Pretty much could care less about stardom and remained true to his creative spirit. Todd put out records the way he heard them in his mind with such bold experimentation and no rules. From prog-rock to pop songs to psychedelic collages. He remains a creative inspiration to me. This mix is just me enjoying his records & sharing some of my fav tunes like we always do about this time, kicking back at home.”


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A Better Tomorrow  Eccentric Soul Mix
Time 58:08
Track List:

The Spark of Life
A Treatise On Cosmic Fire: (1) The Eternal Fire or Fire By Friction – Outro (Edit)
The Verb To Love
There Are No Words
Does AnyBody Love You
Just One Victory
Izzat Love
Golden Goose
Believe In Me
Couldn’t I Just Tell You
Hello It’s Me
I Don’t Want To Tie You Down
Sidewalk Cafe
Piss Aaron (Edit)
When I Pray
Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me (Edit)
A Treatise On Cosmic Fire: (1) The Eternal Fire or Fire By Friction – Outro (Edit)
The Last Ride
Born To Synthesize
Tiny Demons
Can We Still Be Friends?

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