Big Fun in the Big Town old school hip-hop mix

Old-school hip-hop mix



I first saw the Dutch documentary Big Fun in the Big Town at its U.S. premier, a mere twenty-four years after it was filmed in 1986. For a hip-hop fan, “big fun” described the experience perfectly, for here was a perfectly preserved time capsule of the culture in first bloom of adolescence, a brash teenager strutting and flexing its muscles on a brand new world stage (the metaphor can be applied literally to many of the movie’s protagonists, who were barely out their teens themselves). When I got the good news earlier this year that Big Fun was being released on DVD, I jumped at the chance to interview the director, Bram Van Splunteren, now an accomplished filmmaker who in the time since his ode to New York City was made has amassed a lengthy resume of notable music documentary work. Our talk was the basis for an article you can find in Wax Poetics Issue #51. The mix below was made as a tribute to his vision and the fabulously fun film it produced. Enjoy this short trip back to New York City, early summer, 1986.

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  1. My mellow Monk One is a music monster with yet another wonder whirlwind mix dedicated to the foundation of solid hip hop history. Big up!!!


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