Butcher Bear mixtape of heady hip-hop and beats



Butcher Bear is Austin, Texas, native Butch Webster, co-founder of the producer-based event/crew Exploded Drawing and owner of (iN)Sect Records, known for their avant-garde beats. He recently put together the above mix for us, a heady mix of hip-hop and beats.


Butcher Bear – “Feel That” ft Muamin Collective (Velvet Coffin VIP mix)
1100 Spoon Ensemble – “Tactics”
Botany – “Jotu”
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program – “Jet Rendered” ft Rogue Venom
J Dilla – “The Clapper”
Audopilots – “Analog Hammers”
Don Cab
Kenlo Craqnuques – “Zoid”
Madlib & Talib Kweli – “Move Back”
Quelle Chris – “The King is Dead”
Corduroi – “In My Head”
Damaged Bug “What Cheer”
Kutmah – “One 4 Detroit”
House Shoes – “Everything (Modern Family)” ft Fatt Father
Doug & Jeff
Butcher Bear – “Barbaric Rhetoric” ft BoomBaptist w/ Chief & the Doomsday Device
Multi-Tracker – “DZNTS”

Butcher Bear’s recent LP, This Is How the Game Gets You Played, is available now.

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The roster for “This is How the Game gets you Played” LP includes: SelfSays, Muamin Collective, Sir Froderick, Reaganometry, Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio), Chief & The Doomsday Device, BoomBaptist, AADM OUR HATLEY, Sampler & Son, Rebecca Whitley, Patrick Benfield, Strong Silent Type, Marc Bianchi, DJ Shardstyle and Lo Phi.

He handles vocal duties on a couple songs and got together a live group, (Butcher Bear & the Blades) to record a few of the songs, as well as having produced the entire record, save for one song produced by Big Legs.

Butcher Bear goes from boom-bap hip-hop to new wave to nightmarish house to new territories of sound altogether. His production is steeped in live instrumentation, growing up as a kid playing drums/gtr/keys/anthing around, his bastardized sounds and production weave samples with snatched up sounds.

The MC’s featured on the album are all people he considers family, each adding their own flavors, while the main theme stays intact.


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