Classic Black Volume 3

Induce's strictly vinyl mix of disco and boogie joints




It is with pleasure that we present to you Classic Black Volume 3, a dope mix of “classic and obscure” disco and boogie unearthed from the archive of Wax Poetics friend Induce.

The mix was originally the final piece of a five part series, Classic Black, which has since been refined to three installments. So, we chatted to Induce to find out a little more about the unique, and slightly enigmatic, mix…

Explain the theme, or concept, of the Classic Black mix series?

I started the Classic Black series a couple of years ago to showcase Afrobeat, broken beat, and deep house cuts. It’s since evolved to feature disco or anything soulful. The common thread is that they are always all vinyl mixes, as the Classic Black name also refers to classic known and unknown platters of that black crack, aka vinyl records.

How would you describe the feel of the final instalment?

This latest volume gets into more obscure disco and boogie gems. Not necessarily expensive or hard to find, but more of the type of records people don’t necessarily play all the time. This volume focuses a bit on the pop-lock boogie style popular on the West Coast, reminiscent of the Zapp sound.

How did you discover the records on the mix? And where did you find them?

I buy so many records from so many different places, I don’t really remember at this point! I can usually remember where I get hip-hop records from, because of the picture covers, but disco comes mostly in generic sleeve,s and I guess my mind never attaches a memory to those. For example, I just found one of maybe a handful of copies of this Lee Moore LP that never came out. The label was handwritten, probably by the man himself, and it just came in a white sleeve. I have no idea where I got it. No recollection at all! Such a space case.

Why are you unearthing this mix now?

I wanted to start putting out mixes weekly and felt like the Classic Black series is the closest to my sound. I have so many disco and boogie records that I want people to hear, so figured I better get on it now before someone else drops these gems before me!


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