DJ Monk-One’s mix commemorating Jay Smooth’s influential WBAI show, Underground Railroad


Wax Poetics contributing editor Andrew Mason aka DJ Monk-One spent some time spinning on Jay Smooth’s influential radio program, Underground Railroad. The WBAI show was founded in 1991 and focused on hip-hop and the jazz (and soul) cuts that were the building blocks for the sonic art. It was a New York staple and a must for any beatdigger that was trying to learn more about the roots of hip-hop. In fact, it was half the story about how the Wax Poetics founders met Monk-One in the late ’90s during his tenure with the groundbreaking show. Not long after, Wax Poetics was founded with the same mission of exploring the roots of hip-hop.

WBAI is moving its studios to Brooklyn, and Monk-One returned to the show on May 8, 2015, to play this commemorative set entitled “Back to Brooklyn.”

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