57-minute mixtape featuring Gino Soccio synth-disco classics

DJ Jex Opolis transforms his story into a mix


Gino Soccio in Brazil. Courtesy of Gino Soccio.

Gino Soccio in Brazil. Courtesy of Gino Soccio.

From Gino Soccio’s early productions in Witch Queen to his robotic, Italo-inspired masterpiece “Remember,” this 57-minute mix takes a portrait of the disco artist as a young man. Soccio’s output abruptly ended in the mid-1980s and Soccio dropped out of public view, but his legend has only grown in recent years. DJ Jex Opolis (aka Jered Stuffco) threw the mix together while researching Soccio for the now-famous Wax Poetics article on Gino Soccio.

Track List

Gino Soccio “It’s Alright”
Gino Soccio “You Move Me”
Gino Soccio “Try It Out”
Gino Soccio “Hold Tight”
Gino Soccio “So Lonely”
Witch Queen “All Right Now”
Karen Silver “Nobody Else”
Karen Silver “Set Me Free”
Gino Soccio “Love Is”
Gino Soccio “Closer”
Gino Soccio “Whodunnit?”
Gino Soccio “Dancer”
Gino Soccio “Remember (12-inch Re-mix)”

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  1. love your stuff. always will. hope u come back with more soon. love from Holland

    – eric verlegh

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