Found! Long-lost boogaloo record with Bobby Marin, Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Louie Ramirez, Willie Torres, and more!


The Nitty Gritty Sextet

This is crazy. When Rocafort Records contacted legendary Latin songwriter/producer Bobby Marin about licensing a couple unreleased boogaloo/mambo tracks by the Nitty Gritty Sextet, Marin told them that the songs were part of an entire album recorded in 1967 and subsequently lost. As in, the masters were gone. Forever. But only six months after that initial conversation, the only existing acetate for the LP surfaced in a thrift store in Warminster, Pennsylvania, by record hunter Chris Bade! After a quick listen, Bade searched around the Internet for any info on “Nitty Sextet,” as the test pressing read. Soon he found Rocafort Records, who had released a 45 of the two tracks licensed from Marin. In conclusion: we have a perfect ending. The album was transferred and remastered and now reissued.

But what’s most incredible is the album itself, and, more importantly, the musicians. Marin was no stranger to the New York Latin music scene, as he often worked alongside vibe player and arranger/producer Louie Ramirez. Marin produced funky groups like Ocho (UA Latino), as well writing songs and arranging for Joe Cuba, Tito Puente, and the whole host of Speed Records artists. His buddy Ramirez, of course, was one of the Nitty Gritty Sextet, as was the legend Tito Puente. Also in this all-star lineup were pianists Charlie Parlmieri and Ricardo “Richie” Ray, bassist Bobby Rodriguez, and Joe Cuba vocalists Jimmy Sabater and Willie Torres!

But the record is lost no more! Purchase the vinyl now!

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  1. Great discover! Congratulations!! I hope to be this lucky winner.

    – Jordi Rica Galimany
  2. so good, thanks very much for posting this!

    – Sean

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