Modern funk genius Mickey teams up with PPU for his new release, Eye Witness

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Mickey (Eye Witness) (PPU)

Mickey de Grand IV, Miami’s number one funk don, is back with a much-anticipated solo project cryptically entitled Eye Witness. Mickey is the brainchild behind the celebrated Cosmic Chronic label with acclaimed releases from the Psychic Mirrors, Dreamboat, and Antoine Rocky-Horror. This time around, Mickey drops the de Grand IV from his name and teams up with D.C. powerhouse Peoples Potential Unlimited (PPU) on the solo tip. Rated X Records is a joint venture with Andrew M, the Yoda behind PPU and Earcave, the renowned online record cartel.

Eye Witness, a mini-album of sample-laden and bass-heavy South Miami vibes, showcases Mickey’s one-of-a-kind brilliance. His compositions smolder with robust bass lines, horn blasts, Cuban-esque percussion and synthed-out chords. “I Know I Get You Wet” fades in and out with fuzzy distortion, synthesized keys, and slothful “chopped and screwed” vocals. “Don’t Break the Shadow of Your Love” is a dreamy drum-machine beach anthem, with a nasty synthesizer solo and a handclap that pushes the rhythm forward. “Red Lips” sounds like a disco jam slackened on purple drank. Other track names include “Your Bitch Chose Me,” “Extortion,” and “Married to the Mob II.”


In a recent Facebook update, Mickey proclaims, “To me, Bobby Caldwell, Gloria Estefan, and Noel Williams are the best Miami artists of all time.” De Grand and the Cosmic Chronic cult are next in line to add to Miami’s rich musical tradition and rep the 3-0-5 into the future.

Mickey 'Eye Witness'


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3 Responses

  1. Slowing down tracks and putting your name on them ain’t cool.

    – Real
  2. Very nice, sounds delicious and I am going to get a copy of the album if I can….I also do funky stuff wanna check it? all live cheers

    thank you

    Paolo Guglielmino
  3. @real uhhhh did you ever think that these are just edits that mickey felt like putting out? he did more then just slow them down!

    – tommy

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