Nomade Orquestra drop second record [LISTEN]



Nomade Orquestra

Nomade Orquestra from São Paulo, Brazil, are back with another genre-defying, adventurous LP is so full of influences it verges on overreach, but then the ten-person orchestra manages to nail it every time. The kick-off track “Intro/Jardins de Zaira” alone manages to fuse African guitar lines with what sounds to me like a quote from Tears for Fears’ “Head Over Heels” layered over  Afro-Brazilian roots and touches of Latin jazz. The second track, “Rinoceronte Blues,” was obviously made for a Nollywood (Nigeria’s film capital) cowboy movie. The third track fuses Middle Eastern elements with Afro-Brazilian rhythms like only a band from São Paulo could (the city had an Arab-Brazilian mayor in the ’90s). I could go on, but then you’d miss out on the fun of trying to figure out the influences interwoven into the songs of this musically adventurous crew of musicians and record collectors. And it’s clear that’s what they’re doing: having fun, built on technical skill and meticulous attention to detail, making each song sound like a solitary scene from nine different imaginary films.

Nomade Orquestra is touring Europe this summer.



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