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Peace & Rhythm released several of our favorite records of the past few years, including a co-operative LP with Puerto Rico’s punk-salsa trailblazers Orquesta El Macabeo (El Entierro showcases salsa and Afro-funk crowd-pleasers by the group) and the narcodélica nod of the mysterious Los Terrificos project, whose album Vaya P’al Sur/Go South pushes all the right buttons with a trippy blend of chicha, Afrobeat, house, dub, surf, spaghetti Western, and dark lounge. 

The label, based in the wilds of Northeastern America, has three new full-length releases hitting the shops at once. Miracles & Criminals, a deluxe double-LP set of tropical Americana by C.A.M.P.O.S. (ex-Chicha Libre), has been described as “a unique travelogue blend of chicha, Kraftwerk, late ’60s L.A.-inspired psych pop, Ethio, lo-fi experiments, Morricone and more… outsider art from a warm & breezy place.”

Another co-op album with Orquesta El Macabeo (La Maldición del Timbal) joins the latest from M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, a vigorous and exciting live act who have condensed their powerful psych-palenque-Afro-soukous sounds into The Mix, a EP of tunes that shows off the broad range of M.A.K.U.’s styles.


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