The Godfather of Nubian soul Ali Hassan Kuban

Ali Hassan Kuban_ by Martin Riedel

Ali Hassan Kuban by Martin Riedel.


Piranha Records has re-released the album from the “Godfather of Nubian Soul,” Ali Hassan Kuban. Although the original date of the recordings are still unknown, From Nubia to Cairo was first released in 1988. Recorded at Delta Sound S.A., the orchestra’s entire lineup circled around the only working microphone, and the first audio cassettes traveled around the world, gaining fans worldwide, which allowed Hassan Kuban to perform at New York’s Central Park SummerStage, WOMAD, and other international festival circuits.

The album features ancient Nubian melodies mixed with pulsating Western beats and sounds that draw from American jazz and international pop. It is a beautiful mix of the ‘Orient’ meeting the ‘Occident.’


From Nubia to Cairo is available now.



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