Bastard Jazz artist Dead Horse Beats covers Brazilian soul icon Tim Maia


Dead Horse Beats

“There’s so much to love about Tim Maia’s version of this song: His crackling falsetto navigating the old organs, the bass groove, and the horns,” says twenty-seven-year-old Canadian producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer Patrick Wade, who goes by the stage name Dead Horse Beats. “I remember the first thing that struck me about it was the almost childlike heartache in the lyric ‘I wonder why she left me’ repeated over and over again. I like to do covers fairly regularly as a way of figuring out songs and trying to learn their wisdom. Tim Maia was wise af.”

Over six years and releases with Montreal’s Raw Records, London’s Black Butter Records, and New York City’s Bastard Jazz Recordings, Wade’s output of thoughtful, spacey grooves includes three singles, two EPs, six full-length LPs, and countless co-productions, collaborations, and remixes.

Bastard Jazz is releasing his new album later this year, but you can cop this cover now.


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