“Frozen” by I Self Devine (prod. by BK-One & Benzilla)



In a radical shift of energy, BK-One (DJ/producer from Rhymesayers Entertainment and one half of Wax Poetics’ own Bones & Beeker) surprised everyone when he largely stepped away from music-making in 2016 to launch a radio station in South Minneapolis. Now two worlds collide as BK announces the release of Radio For All – Volume One, a new album that he contributed to and executive-produced in support of KRSM Radio. The album includes twelve tracks from some of the best representatives of the new Minneapolis Sound. And the only way to scoop it is by donating to KRSM now.

“Instead of a radio fundraiser that gives away coffee mugs and tote bags,” BK says, “our supporters will be picking up mp3s, 180-gram vinyl, and high-quality screen-printed posters of the cover art! But don’t just donate for the album.  Donate because KRSM is a vital resource for communities who are so often misrepresented, underrepresented, and erased by traditional media. Eighty-four percent of our hosts identify as Black, Indigenous, or POC. We regularly broadcast in six different languages. We feature twelve hours each week of Native American–led programming. We have multiple shows by hosts who are transgender, youth of color, incarcerated or recently incarcerated, immigrants, or refugees…and who all have something important to say.”

Wax Poetics is excited to share the first single from the project, “Frozen.” This cinematic banger features I Self Devine (of hip-hop favorites the Micranots and Semi.Official) railing against all the forces of destruction that vulnerable communities face while dreaming of a better world.

“Always on defense from attack / Hyper-vigilant, hyperventilate, facts / Living in a chokehold, but I won’t fold / I can still breath / And my heart’s gold.”

BK-One and his production partner Benzilla go bananas on the beat with vocal assistance from Anthony Newes (the other half of Bones & Beeker).

To check out the track-listing, read more about KRSM, and get your copy of “Radio For All – Volume One” click here.


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