Jan Kincaid’s MF Robots premiere new single “Scary Monsters”

by Dan Dodds


MF Robots

Just over a year ago, Brand New Heavies cofounder Jan Kincaid upped drum-sticks and strutted off into the call of the night with co-writer and then BNH lead singer Dawn Joseph to form a brand-brand new group called the MF Robots, named in a swipe at the current state of the music industry, MF as in “Music For Robots” to give them their official title (or not so officially—for the sailors amongst you—“Muthafuckin’ Robots”).

The mission, to step outta the constraints of being a part of one of the U.K.’s longest running and most successful rhythm & blues bands, and as a duo, use their mastery of funk, soul, and pop to create something dynamic, vibrant, and fresh.

“It’s about liberation, about being freed from musical constraints and perceptions—pushing the envelope and challenging ourselves whilst making it edgy,” says Jan, talking of the new project in the band’s bio.

“It’s about not being afraid, just doing it for yourself and having a really good time doing it; making sure our audience has a really good time too,” adds Dawn.

Indeed, the new single “Scary Monsters”—premiered here and preceding the forthcoming release of their debut album Music For Robots (out on May 4 via Membran Music)—sounds markedly different from their work on recent Heavies albums. Still funky and upbeat, it’s like a high-octane Jones Girls, if they had assistance from Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton, with Junie on keys and Ray Hayden in the booth pouring them a cup of tea—there’s a lot of classic going on between the crisp, new grooves. But don’t take my word for it … without further ado, dig it.



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