“Lookout” by Homeboy Sandman ft. Quelle Chris and YOD



Do three MCs count as a posse cut? Probably not, but Homeboy Sandman’s new track, “Lookout,” off his upcoming release Dusty, is about a guest spot away from being a gargantuan track, with guests Quelle Chris and Your Old Droog. 

“Lookout” displays their individual strengths and ability to hop on each other’s track and congeal; to pronounce their quirks while not bogarting the limelight, to pick up where the other left off, and have aligning congruent content.  Sandman is of course in the pocket, committing to his rhyme structure, while Quelle is quiet, almost cerebral in his matter-of-fact delivery. Droog comes in like a cleanup batter and obliterates, touching on things like Medicaid and ASCAP. 

Says Sandman of the track: “In hopefully hundreds but probably thousands of years when humanity gets it’s head on straight, they’ll look back at this joint and know that at least three of us weren’t a complete waste of time.”


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