Mara TK discusses new Electric Wire Hustle EP, Aeons, and premieres new track



“There’s a song about an android who commits suicide, a song about a girl named Truth who evades the law while trying to find God, and a song about playing a concert for gang members. Some of these stories are true,” says Mara TK about Electric Wire Hustle‘s new EP, Aeons., dropping Friday, August 28 on Loop and Bastard Jazz.

“On our last record, Love Can Prevail, I was trying to distill the lyrics into some key statements about society; whether that actually fucking worked, I have no idea,” he continues. “But with this new body of work, I’m hoping to be the musical equivalent of David Lynch: to take the listener on a wild ride through new imagined worlds.”

Listen to “Desert of the Real,” from Aeons.

“I would estimate that it took at least fifty people directly to make this record,” Mara says. “How many contributed indirectly is an interesting question. Any project undertaken by human beings that actually comes to fruition, be it an album, an aircraft carrier, or a ceramic cup, is a goddamned miracle. That the majority of us don’t drop down dead after a week of barrage here on Fort Earth—the colonial planet—is also a miracle. Maya Angelou called our home a blob of spit and sand—to me it feels exactly like the stone encrusted furnace that it is: warped, terrible, beautiful. And where is New Zealand at right now in all of this?

“The last novel Aldous Huxley ever wrote was in a way the antithesis to Brave New World. The book is called Island and is set in a small Pacific nation, overflowing with all of its utopian potential—blue-green, silent, musical. Anyway, somewhere between the world at large and paradise is this EP of five songs; short stories against a backdrop of experimental music. Whatever you think of it, I promise you, if nothing else it will take you on journey.”


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