MC Paul Barman drops (((commandments))) for Passover

MC Paul Barman

Photo by Sasha Lytvyn.


We were messing with MC Paul Barman in 2000 when he teamed up with Prince Paul  for his EP It’s Very Stimulating, released by WordSound, which had put out Prince Paul’s 1996 experiment Psychoanalysis [What Is It?], which I still have on vinyl somewhere around here…

Barman’s off-kilter (and undisciplined) style wasn’t for everyone, but lovers of the absurd found comfort in his overwrought wit and lovers of Prince Paul’s classic tracks found fleeting refuge from the bling era.

Over the years, Barman would pop his head in and say hi—with an album here and an album there. He would form working relationships with cult figures like MF DOOM and share the mic with Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Kool Keith, Masta Ace, and Open Mike Eagle.

Now he’s back with the upcoming longplayer (((echo chamber))), releasing May 18 on Mello Music Group. There’s some nice production by Questlove, DOOM, Prince Paul, Mark Ronson, and Memory Man.

Just in time for Passover, MC Paul Barman drops the single (((commandments))), a twisted, fuzz-bass-drenched, Electric Company-meets-Exodus take on God-Almighty-via-Moses recommendations. 

Through our Internet connection, Barman yells at us: “Full moon equinox kaboom! I love that we’re dropping this right before the Passover/Easter/Last Supper holidays. Hope there’s still room in your Haggadah for this rhyme.

“When we take apart and reassemble the rules of foreign lands, we understand them better. And when we write songs about them, they’re easier to remember. Memory Man (production, bass, skratches) and I had been talking about a Ten Commandments song for years but couldn’t find the beat. When ?uestlove texted some live drums, the song was delivered from the land of abstraction.”


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MC Paul Barman

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