Austin band Money Chicha put a cumbia spin on Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”



Adrian Quesada is a man of many talents. As a guitarist and songwriter, he’s been part of many bands and projects, including Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds, the Echocentrics, Spanish Gold, Electric Peanut Butter Company (with Shawn Lee), and Money Chicha.

Now he’s opened a recording studio in Austin, Texas: Level One Sound. He’s now prepping the release of a slew of singles from bands that have recorded there.

“The collection of fifteen-plus songs,” Quesada says, “focuses on covers and reinterpretations decided on between the bands and myself, all recorded in a day or less, sometimes in a couple of hours, as live as possible—spontaneous and relaxed. The idea was to have some fun, show off some influences and the aesthetic ‘vibe’ of the studio.”

There are unique covers of artists like Mazzy Star, Marty Robbins, Bobby Fuller Four, Mulatu Astake, Mickey and the Soul Generation, Nas, and Prince.

Quesada’s former bandmates in Money Chicha grab hold of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”—premiering here—and give it a fresh and natural cumbia spin on it.

The rest of the songs will be rolled out throughout the next couple of months for free stream/download.


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