Soulful single, “One in a Million,” from Nicole Willis in advance of new album



Nicole Willis photo balcony

It’s always a pleasure to hear modern soul music done right, with no pretension, and musical chops that are skillful and appropriate without calling undue attention to themselves. Finland’s Soul Investigators and Brooklyn-born vocalist Nicole Willis have mastered this craft and demonstrate it amply on their new release “One in a Million.”


The ebullient single comes in advance of a new full-length album, Happiness in Every Style, out October 2 (and available for pre-order here and via iTunes). As the title suggests, the subject matter flips the coin from her last LP, Tortured Soul, and puts her powerful, evocative voice in the service of mostly upbeat tracks. The album was co-produced by Willis and the Soul Investigators, who include two superb instrumentals in the bargain, slick numbers that are guaranteed to turn heads of funk and soul fans.



More info, including tour dates, can be found on Ms. Willis’s website.


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