Breaking the Ice documentary explores Icelandic breaks dug up by DJ Platurn



“I always wanted to tie all these records from the motherland into some sort of release, ever since I started messing around DJing in my teens,” says DJ Platurn, who originally came to the U.S. from Iceland. “They traveled over 4,000 miles and all over the West Coast of the U.S. until pops finally let me have ’em. He played some of ’em on his radio shows and the clubs and events he used to DJ at almost fifty years ago.”

Watch the premiere of the mini-documentary Breaking the Ice by Peter Magnusson (pka Kicker Dixon) above, and you can buy the mixtape here. It releases on March 23 via Needle to the Groove and will be sold as a 2xCD package that includes rare photos and liner notes from Wax Poetics scribe David Ma.

“My fascination eventually got serious enough that I started to dig much deeper,” Platurn continues. “Slim pickings and deep obscurity/rarity made finding the kind of stuff I like even more difficult. Finally I had enough. Magnus, excavating with my cousin Sveimhugi back home, and my own research culminated into a lifetime worth of vinyl tinkering.

“Iceland isn’t known for the funk, but anyone who’s a fan of the funk knows it can emit from the unlikeliest of places. Groove-based music is a feeling that comes [from] within, as a fan and a composer. No one’s ever put it that well into words. I’m not gonna attempt to either. It’s just that thing that makes finding soulful music on an island deep in the North Atlantic an actual possibility.”

Check out a glimpse of the mixtape:

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