Mysterious ◊ EMERALD-LANE drops two new videos from CMCS EP



Los Angeles–based musician/director Orion “Sonny” Coates has big ideas. He dropped a new conceptual project this summer called ◊ EMERALD-LANE. “We want to offer beneficent products that provide beauty, insight, and cosmic-awareness. That’s done by initiating streams of information that help people to truly know themselves,” he muses. “With ◊ EMERALD-LANE, we want to redefine the culture’s approach to creating music.”

The production unit/band consists of various multi-instrumentalists and producers, such as Wow Jones (Bryson Tiller), Mike Moore (Kid Cudi), Joel Whitley (Stevie Wonder, Kimbra), Thomas Drayton (Childish Gambino), and Allakoi Peete.

Coates, who has previously worked with Thundercat, SA-RA Creative Partners, Austin Peralta, and Cody ChesnuTT, continues his thought: “We forget that music is technology; it’s ancient, and yet it’s futuristic. We’re not entertaining as much as we’re consciously initiating programs and applications,” Coates says of the new EP, which presents a set of songs in two different ways.

“We took seven songs and recorded them twice. The (RED) is the ‘grid’ version and the (BLUE) was tracked ‘off-grid.’ Basically, one version reflects the modern electronic production aesthetic, while the other embodies a more timeless aesthetic. By varying the communicative expression, we increase our chances of positively affecting as many people as possible. In the very least, we’ve pioneered a compelling approach that other artists can try. It’s twice the work, but I can totally see this becoming a standard model of music-production in the future.”

We’re premiering two new, shadowy videos from the EP, one (RED) track and one (BLUE).



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